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Felted Clogs

After much time with fussing around with increases and stitch counts, I finally finished my first pair of Fiber Trends felted clogs! To be able to get the correct stitch count, I had to use a “kfb” increase. Instead of two strands, I used a yarn very similar to Lopi. I was really surprised that they came out felted so completely! Although they were a size bigger than they were supposed to be, an extra felting in the washing machine and a run through the dryer shrunk them a bit. A hint would be to felt them a little bit smaller than what you need (about a half size) because they will stretch as you wear them. If you need to, you can always refelt them as they stretch later.  I used a wool very similar to Harmony (a super bulky wool like Lopi, but soooo much softer).  The yarn I used is long discontinued.  The pattern also says you can double strand two pieces of worsted weight such as Galway too.

Fuzzy Felted Slippers

I also worked up a pair of these in a pink and brown verigated yarn in complete garter stitch for a toddler.  They came out nicely.  They were given as a gift so I am not sure how they are wearing, but the adult ones still look like new.  I will definately use this pattern again….maybe thrumb the inside (line with roving) just for the luxury, not that they need it, I just love the feeling.