Lacy Hair Bun Cover

Here is a pattern several of you have been asking for. Tame your mane with elegant style, grace, and poise. This fits both my bun as well as my daughter’s. We both have quite a bit of hair and it works for us both. With the amount of yarn and time it takes to make these you can easily make one to match each outfit.

Pattern Information
Yarn Weight: Worsted
Yards: 25-30
Hook Size: G
Price: $4.99

Easy Peasy Fingerless Mitts

What a wonderful project to start of the new year of knitting! Very simple for the beginner and a super quick knit for all you more experienced knitters at just around 2 hours per mitt. I really love these and will be making several more for gifts throughout the year. I hope you will join me in doing the same. Don’t forget to post all your pictures Ravelry lovers 🙂

Pattern Information
Yarn Weight: DK
Yards: 200-215
Needle Size: 6
Price: $4.99

Circular Needle Case

The larger case holds many many needles of different sizes and lengths.  I have three or more needles in each pocket and there is still room for more!  I can more easily find the size that I want for the specific project.  It is also a nice size to take along with you on a trip or to your local yarn shop to start a project and have all your supplies with you.  You will really enjoy this case!

Case Information
Needle Length: 9-60 inches
Needle Sizes: 0-15
Price: $25.00 plus shipping and handling