New Preemie Clothes Patterns

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On behalf of the little ones I have started to design some clothes for our precious little preemie babies.  I will start posting them soon.  If you want a sneak preview, I will be posting them on Ravelry first.  Look for the name Purlfrog and my guinea pig in his cute little sweater.  Anyway, Jacob looks adorable in his new cardigan and hat that matches his Carter’s brand whale pants and onesie outfit bought at Babies R’ Us.

Miniature Hoodie

Cute little hooded sweater pattern.  This is great for holding mini bottles of hand sanitizer, your mini MP3 player and ear buds, dog poo bags, and so much more.  This pattern could even be used for an ornament on a tree and could be customized with team colors too!  I will leave all the imagination up to you.  This is a quick knit that will be fun, so please enjoy!

Pattern Information
Yarn Weight: Fingering
Yards: 50
Hook Size: B
Needle Size: 1 DPN’s
Price: $4.99

Pick a Color

You choose your own color to be hand dyed into a yarn for you. You will have your very own dye lot in a solid color of your choosing.  If you are very specific about the color you will need to send me a sample and I will do my best to match it.

Color(s): Any solid color
Yards: 100
Fiber: 100% wool
Price: $10.00 + Shipping 

God’s Promise

A rainbow just like I would imagine the brightness of the first one God created.  Lovely, vivid, self striping colors will add a special POP to any project you knit or crochet.

Color(s): Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple
Yards: 200
Fiber: 100% wool
Price: $20.00 + Shipping