A Long Long Time Ago…

Wow, we haven’t updated in awhile have we? It’s my fault (I’m getting used to that aspect of marriage). I’m supposed to be the “web guru” in the house and Jen only agreed to help with this site if I could help keep it updated. Well, I’m sorry I haven’t kept up! I promise to do better… (famous last words?)

Feather and Fan Blanket

Finally, I am done with my blanket!  I think that it will become a Christmas present since we don’t have red, white, and blue in our house – mostly just blue and purple.  On the left side of the picture, there’s a red end that I hadn’t yet woven in.

I am thinking of starting a knit teddy bear for my next project and trying to knit him a sweater to wear, too.  Actually, I think that it will end up being a “her” because I only have pink self-striping yarn that is thin enough for a teddy bear sweater.

Lots of folks have asked me if I would post the pattern for the Feather and Fan Blanket, and I would love to be able to do that. But (there’s always a but), I didn’t make the pattern myself. It came from a great “perpetual calendar” called 365 Knitting Stitches a Year.  This “perpetual calendar” is a lot like a standard desk calendar but doesn’t include year numbers or day names. That way, you can use the same calendar year after year! It’s really a great tool for learning new stitches. I highly recommend it!

To make my blanket, I used the Feather and Fan stitch on the February 9 pattern. I cast on 110 stitches (the pattern says to use a multiple of 18 + 2). Each white or blue block is one skein of Lion Brand Chenille. Between them, I did 4 rows of red.  You should get approximately 20 rows out of each skein.  Be sure to change colors when working on the right side of the blanket. I also used a size 13 needle.

Working 2-3 hours per day, the project took me about a week. If I had to do it over again, I’d have used a different, chunky-weight yarn. I’ve found that the Lion Brand Chenille isn’t as durable as I would like and doesn’t wear very nicely.

Feather and Fan Blanket

The Top 10 Geekiest Yarn Creations on the Web

I admit it, I’m a serious nerd! I actually did a Google search on “knitted video games”. Who would do that? And what would would I have expected to find, anyway? Actually, I found exactly what I was looking for – go figure. This is so hilarious (Did I mention that I’m a nerd?).

I think I found something for Jen to do with that extra yarn she’s been wanting to use. Continue reading The Top 10 Geekiest Yarn Creations on the Web

Scots Mum Crowned World’s Best Knitter In US Contest – The Daily Record

Scots Mum Crowned World’s Best Knitter In US Contest – The Daily Record

I saw this article on our Knitting News and just had to link it. I’m partially amazed that Hazel Tindell (55 from Scotland) was able to average nearly 90 stitches per minute in front of 50,000 spectators. But I’m even more amazed that 50,000 people attended the event at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minnesota! It’s so cool that a knitting competition had a better turn-out than most rock-and-roll concerts. And it was televised, to boot!

After her win, Hazel had this to say: “There’s plenty that can knit fast – I’m sure I could be challenged. But sadly, probably not by anyone under 50 because hand knitting is a skill which is rapidly vanishing.” Now, maybe I’m a bit biased but my wife is only 27 this year. I’d like to see her give Ms. Tindell some competition! Hand knitting is a rare skill these days, I think.

How can we get more young ladies (and gentlemen) into it? Share your ideas!