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New Preemie Clothes Patterns

2013-02-11 09.41.41



On behalf of the little ones I have started to design some clothes for our precious little preemie babies.  I will start posting them soon.  If you want a sneak preview, I will be posting them on Ravelry first.  Look for the name Purlfrog and my guinea pig in his cute little sweater.  Anyway, Jacob looks adorable in his new cardigan and hat that matches his Carter’s brand whale pants and onesie outfit bought at Babies R’ Us.

New Site Design!

My husband helped me re-design my site.  It is now optimized for viewing by people with low to no vision.  I was recently diagnosed with Stargardt’s Disease.  It is a form of Juvenile Onset Macular Degeneration.  I have been having vision problems for almost 7 years now, but finally saw a retina specialist that was able to diagnose what is going on.  I am determined to continue knitting and writing patterns despite my visual difficulties.

My night driving privileges have been taken away, but I am still allowed to drive short, non highway, distances in the day.  I never realized how much I took for granted driving, reading signs (now even with glasses very difficult), and browsing the internet.  I have figured out how to get around a lot of things such as putting my daughter in brightly colored shirts so I can tell her apart when taking her to play grounds.

Thanks be to God for my husband who is sacrificing his evening time when I need to go somewhere.  We hope in the future to sell our home and move to a place where it is easier to get transportation (currently unavailable) for people with disabilities.  According to the eye doctor I will have about 2 or so more years of day time driving.  Seeing as there is no cure for the Stargardt’s Disease, I will enjoy each minute of that freedom, and pray for grace when the day comes if I am no longer able to drive.

My Knit Space

Yeah!  My office is finally finished.  Plenty of space for laying sewing and knitting out, lots of good light from the three large windows.  Plenty of organization.  It’s just great!  I even got all of my needles, fabric, yarns, books, patterns, and UFO’s organized….it took forever.


Updates coming soon!

I am sooooo bad about keeping up about posting.  I just get so into knitting that I even forget to take pics.  I usually knit something and it is out the door before I even realize that I have knit it.  I need to do a better job of taking pics and posting them I guess.

This week I will be working on adding new patterns, although I haven’t figured out how to get them posted on Ravelry just yet.  Maybe I can figure that out too.

Check back soon for some more updates, and again sorry!