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Lace Shawlette

I am not sure that I exactly like the outcome of this shawl.  It curls on the edges despite blocking.  The original pattern calls for Garter stitch throughout, but that was too boring especially on sock weight yarn, so I used a lace pattern that is like little diamonds with a mountain peak at the top.  I planned on making this bigger, but with some of the early on blocking problems I was having with this yarn I decided to keep it smaller.  If the yarn wasn’t as itchy I would have used it for a head scarf.  I am not sure what I will use this for because it doesn’t keep the shoulders warm or look that great with the curling ends in front.  Maybe this will be sent off as a gift to a swap buddy who wants it.

I used Red Heart Sock Yarn….Heart and Sole.  I don’t remember the color way though.  It does have some nyon in it, and is kind of nice to knit with but there are strands of undyed wool in the yarn that are really coarse and bothered me, trying to pick them out the whole project.

Lace Shawlette

Cashmere Double Mobius Scarf

Okay, I have no clue how this happened, but I love it!  I was making a mobius scarf because my friend made one and I loved it.  I had to double my stitches though because I was using an almost fingering weight and she was using a bulky weight.  I used a size 5 needle and when I cast on my stitches I accidently twisted it twice instead of once.  But since I am folding the scarf in two the twists match up perfectly.  I cast on 300 sts.  It is about 55 inches around and about 4-5 inches wide.  I used the rest of the yarn that I ripped from the sweater that I also made the arm warmers from.  It was about 400 yds of yarn.


Grandma’s Shawl

I knit this last May for my Grandma who turned 90.  I used vintage Red Heart yarn in a cream color.  I didn’t have time to take a pic before I sent it off.  Here is a pic of the pattern that I used.  I made it 300 sts long, used a size 7 needle with DK weight yarn, and did three repeats of the pattern.


Recycled Shrug

This shrug was knit from the Fiber Trends pattern.  It was very easy and no snags from the pattern.  I may end up doing another one though.  I knit this one and it ended up being too small for my liking.  I recycled the yarn from another sweater that I purchased that was way too big.  This was a great project to carry around and work on since the pattern was so simple.   I did extend the ribbing on the arms a little, I like my arms longer on my sweaters and such.  I will probably end up giving this to my cousin who is smaller than I am and likes things tight fitting.  Also this will be an easy care garment due to the cotton/acrylic blend yarn used.