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Custom Handmade Teddy Bears

Each bear is designed specially for its new home.  Custom colors, sizes, and accessories such as sweaters, hats, and blankets are also available.  These take 1-2 weeks to make so please take this into consideration if you are ordering one.  I also sell my bear patterns and bear kits upon request.  Please contact me with any questions you may have.

Woven Quilt

I have no idea how to quilt, so this is my humble attempt at doing so.  I have sewn squares together to make throws and such, but I wanted something a little more in depth.  I came across a bunch of fabric that my MIL didn’t want any more and I wanted to put it to good use.  I took strips and I hand sewn them together after weaving them in and out of each other and pinning a LOT.   This took more time than I think taking a proper quilting class would have taken because where all the sections meet are sewn by hand.  We are all too scared to put this in the wash as we think that it may fall apart, so it is just a decoration for now.


Preemie Hospital Set 3

This will be the final preemie set for the summer unless i get a good jump start on my Christmas presents and finish up some UFOs.  I finally found someone to take the items to the hospital for me.  I know they will get there safely because she works in the delivery unit.  I am not sure if all the sizes are right.  Some items are small, some are large, but I was figuring that all babies are different sizes too.

Pink Preemie Set

This whole set was done with DK baby yarn by Berroco.  It is super soft and will wash very well.  I think the variegated blue and the variegated pink on the blanket was a Bernat yarn, but i can’t find the colors at the store any more, they are probably still on line though.  I just used a single crochet for the booties, and a single crochet for the hat.  The hat also has a small shell stitch around the edge.  The blanket was done in Tunisian Entrelac Crochet and was very difficult to follow in the pattern book that I got, but once i got it figured out it was pretty easy.  The hard part was that the author of the pattern didn’t have the pattern all on one page or even in a set of pages.  To get the blanket done you had to flip through the book from page 3 to page 7, then to page 11, pack to page 5…..etc.  So good luck for anyone who tries this out.