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Jingle Bell Covers

Tiny knit bell cover, hung in sets of three are a great Christmas or wedding gift for anyone.  They are super simple to make and only take a few minutes.  Also a great project for taking anywhere while knitting. Directions are written for both seamless knitting and seamed.
Jingle Bell Covers


75-100 yds fingering weight yarn

Size 3 needles

3 Jingle Bells med size


Cast on 14 sts

First 10 sts are in garter and last 4 sts are in stockinet so that it will roll up forming a bell shape when finished.

Knit for 2-3 inches keeping in pattern

Take cast off and bind on edges and seem them together.

Put a running stitch through raw garter edge and tighten (you can also fasten this part to the top of the bell).

the stockinet edge will roll up forming a bell shape.

Make a crochet chain to hook all three bells together and hang them spaced apart.

This makes a great wedding gift or Christmas gift.

OSU Mitts

Crochet Mitt

These were made up for a friend.  Feel to change the colors to your favorite team.

1 ball Paton’s Astra in Grey
Red scrap yarn
Size G crochet hook

Cast on 25 sts.
First 3 rows are single crochet.
Double crochet next rows till you reach 8 inches.
Last three rows are single crochet.
Fold glove in half so that the single crochet is at the top and bottom.
Stitch up the side leaving a 1-2 inch hole for the thumb.
Use a running stitch to put a red line around the bottom of the glove.
Stitch any way you want your team’s letters across the top.

Water Bottle Sock

Water Sock

This works perfect for small coffee cups and water bottles.  I have also used it for storing my sun glasses in.

1 skein of sock yarn (Tofutsies)
5 size 3 double point needles (or your choice for knitting in the round)

Cast on 64 sts
Knit in the round using pattern k3, p1
When you have reached the desired length start your decreases as follows
Needle 1; k1, ssk, k to last 3 sts, k2 tog, k1
Repeat for other needles
Alternate a decrease round and a plain knit round till you have 24 sts left
k to tog all the way around
k 1 round with no decreases
Slip all sts onto yarn and pull tight.

This will form the bind off and a flat square bottom.

Nicholas’ Guinea Pig Sweater

Nicholas' Sweater

I couldn’t resist creating this sweater for my guinea pig… not that he really needs one! A couple of months ago, I was a bit bored and wanted something to do with this blue yarn that I have. So I decided to knit a sweater for my guinea pig, Nicholas. I can’t recall that I’ve seen sweaters made for small animals, but doesn’t he just look too cute!? He’s one of my babies, and why shouldn’t he have a little sweater, too?

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