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Coffee Cup Sleeve

This was knit from some leftover sock yarn.  This took about 75 yds of yarn.  The pattern can be found on Ravelry.  I had to use a safety pin to do the cables because the yarn is so tiny.  It went fast though, and the cables were fun.  The top has been stretched out from use, but now it fits really well on the cup since the bottoms are small and the tops are larger.



Just thought this was really pretty and deserved to be in here.  My friend crochet two of these for me from worsted weight Sugar and Cream.  I keep one at my desk, and I keep one in my knit bag.  They work so well, I simply love them!  She wrote down the pattern and gave it to me so I guess I better get to work making some for stocking stuffers this year.


Water Bottle Sock

Water Sock

This works perfect for small coffee cups and water bottles.  I have also used it for storing my sun glasses in.

1 skein of sock yarn (Tofutsies)
5 size 3 double point needles (or your choice for knitting in the round)

Cast on 64 sts
Knit in the round using pattern k3, p1
When you have reached the desired length start your decreases as follows
Needle 1; k1, ssk, k to last 3 sts, k2 tog, k1
Repeat for other needles
Alternate a decrease round and a plain knit round till you have 24 sts left
k to tog all the way around
k 1 round with no decreases
Slip all sts onto yarn and pull tight.

This will form the bind off and a flat square bottom.