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The Top 10 Geekiest Yarn Creations on the Web

I admit it, I’m a serious nerd! I actually did a Google search on “knitted video games”. Who would do that? And what would would I have expected to find, anyway? Actually, I found exactly what I was looking for – go figure. This is so hilarious (Did I mention that I’m a nerd?).

I think I found something for Jen to do with that extra yarn she’s been wanting to use. Continue reading The Top 10 Geekiest Yarn Creations on the Web

Scots Mum Crowned World’s Best Knitter In US Contest – The Daily Record

Scots Mum Crowned World’s Best Knitter In US Contest – The Daily Record

I saw this article on our Knitting News and just had to link it. I’m partially amazed that Hazel Tindell (55 from Scotland) was able to average nearly 90 stitches per minute in front of 50,000 spectators. But I’m even more amazed that 50,000 people attended the event at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minnesota! It’s so cool that a knitting competition had a better turn-out than most rock-and-roll concerts. And it was televised, to boot!

After her win, Hazel had this to say: “There’s plenty that can knit fast – I’m sure I could be challenged. But sadly, probably not by anyone under 50 because hand knitting is a skill which is rapidly vanishing.” Now, maybe I’m a bit biased but my wife is only 27 this year. I’d like to see her give Ms. Tindell some competition! Hand knitting is a rare skill these days, I think.

How can we get more young ladies (and gentlemen) into it? Share your ideas!

Announcing Knitters’ Row

Something about announcing my presence to the world makes me feel like yodeling, but I’m not in Switzerland and these aren’t the Alps. Still, I want to cordially welcome you to our new website! Okay, so it’s just another knitting ‘blog. I’m Chris (the admin) and my wife, Jennifer, is the knitter in the family. Don’t worry, she’ll be writing most of the stuff!

Jen is an active knitter, but my role is a little more passive – I wear the stuff she knits. I’m a computer nerd, so when we decided to put up a website where I could administer and she could write, the subject matter was obvious. Our goal is to make our ‘blog easy to navigate, quick to find information, and welcoming to everyone from novice to advanced knitters. We also want to try to get new content daily. If you have an idea for something you’d like to see us post, use the Contact Us link in the menu. We want to hear your feedback, so please don’t be shy!

Anyway, it’s 9:30 in the morning and I still haven’t had my coffee. I can barely read the screen.  So check back frequently as we’ll be adding lots more stuff – everything from patterns to lessons to book reviews to, well, whatever!

Yudl – Ay – EEE – Ooooo!