Crochet Entrelac Socks

These crochet entrelac socks are a quick crochet project, comfortable to wear (not like other crochet socks), and very neat looking.  I had some pattern testers helping me on this project and they all had a lot of fun helping out.  I think we worked out many of the kinks, so I am sorry if there are any left, but it should all be worked out fine.

crochet entrelac socks

Pattern Information
Yarn Weight: Fingering
Yards: 500-600
Hook Size: 3mm (C)
Price: $4.99

11 thoughts on “Crochet Entrelac Socks”

  1. This should be an interesting pattern to make. I’ve seen mostly flat entrelac patterns and a few in the round patterns – Socks should really be a challenge for me – a welcome challenge.

  2. These socks look awesome. I have been trying to ambitiously teach myself to knit and crochet socks for so long, I”ll have to try this pattern and see for myself.

  3. Can’t wait to try your pattern. I’m such a big fan of entrelac. It never crossed my mind that socks would look like nice with this pattern. thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautiful socks, Thanks for the pattern! Would small fit a foot 9″ long or should I make medium? Sorry about the duplicate comments

  5. yes, I am planning on getting more supplies this week to offer the cables again. If you would like a cable please email me.

  6. Love these! I posted a link to this page on my blog this morning for a Father’s Day roundup. 🙂

  7. OH My GOODNESS!! This is EPIC!!! Me and my oldest sister crochet and we’ve been looking for a crochet sock pattern for YEARS! Thank you so VERY much for posting this!!!!!! you’re AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):)

  8. I badly want to do this pattern, but have no idea of gauge. My work typically requires a hook 2mm larger than standard to get standard gauge, and I’ve also not much experience of gauge for tunisian style. Help!

  9. I’m sorry, I rarely do crochet and have not a clue how to do gauge. I only know how to do it for knitting. That is one of the main reasons why I did this pattern for free.

  10. THANK YOU for sharing this!! I am wanting to design a entrelac sweater but want to do some other patterns first to test it out…this perfectly fits the bill!! Thanks again!

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