Flexi Cords for Boye Needles

Boye Needlemaster Flexi Cord

I have started making these very soft and flexible cords that are perfect for magic loop. They can be custom sized for any length that you would like between 12″ and 60″ long.  These cords will only work with the Boye Needlemaster set (sizes 2-15). The only color for the cords available right now is blue. I hope to get different colors of flexi cord in for the future. Please click on the link below to fill out the form to submit an order for your cords!

Get a Quote for your Flexi Cords

Information Needed for Cord Order
Cord Length: 12-60 inches
Number of Cords Needed
Price: $5.00 per cord plus shipping

These cords are hand-made to order so please no returns.

11 thoughts on “Flexi Cords for Boye Needles”

  1. 4 Cables please.
    10″, 16″, 24″, 36″,

    Thanks so much for offering these up.
    KnitItKim on Ravelry

  2. I am interested in one just for magic loop, what would shipping be to canada? i ordered the supplies from a fellow raveler to make my own, but have a funny feeling your cords are better. I guess I probably need a 36 or 40 inch. I know nothing, and cant understand why they need to be so long. Frankly I dont care about the color, so blue is fine for me


  3. Hi! I’m WordCobbler on Ravelry. Another member there told me about your site. I’m interested in ordering a custom length cord. Please email me or give me a PM over on Ravelry so I can find out shipping costs and how to pay. Thank you very much! 🙂

  4. I am curious if you are still offering these? I would be very interested in purchasing some if you are. Thanks! – Same name on ravelry…

  5. I am very interested in purchasing your cords for the needlemaster set. The needlemaster set is great but the stiff cords are not that pleasant to work with. Please let me know how to order cords from you.

  6. We are now offering these cables again. There is also an online order/quote form that has been added. I look forward to your order soon!

  7. Hi Jenn,
    Was wondering if you going to make these cords again for sale I’m interested in buying 4sizes cables just email me when you can.

  8. I am doing them on a case by case basis….I prefer to do them in larger lots, so if you have an order of 5 or more I can do it, but otherwise I end up buying parts and then the extras just sit around and I end up out money 🙁

  9. As I told another person, I am doing these on a case by case basis and would prefer to do them in lots of 5 or more. So yes, I would do them if enough were purchased at one time.

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