Jingle Bell Covers

Tiny knit bell cover, hung in sets of three are a great Christmas or wedding gift for anyone.  They are super simple to make and only take a few minutes.  Also a great project for taking anywhere while knitting. Directions are written for both seamless knitting and seamed.
Jingle Bell Covers


75-100 yds fingering weight yarn

Size 3 needles

3 Jingle Bells med size


Cast on 14 sts

First 10 sts are in garter and last 4 sts are in stockinet so that it will roll up forming a bell shape when finished.

Knit for 2-3 inches keeping in pattern

Take cast off and bind on edges and seem them together.

Put a running stitch through raw garter edge and tighten (you can also fasten this part to the top of the bell).

the stockinet edge will roll up forming a bell shape.

Make a crochet chain to hook all three bells together and hang them spaced apart.

This makes a great wedding gift or Christmas gift.

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