Nicholas' Sweater

Nicholas’ Guinea Pig Sweater

Nicholas' Sweater

I couldn’t resist creating this sweater for my guinea pig… not that he really needs one! A couple of months ago, I was a bit bored and wanted something to do with this blue yarn that I have. So I decided to knit a sweater for my guinea pig, Nicholas. I can’t recall that I’ve seen sweaters made for small animals, but doesn’t he just look too cute!? He’s one of my babies, and why shouldn’t he have a little sweater, too?

200 yds. sock yarn (I used 100% Merino Superwash Sassy Stripes)
Size 3 16 in. circulars

Cast on 88 sts.
k2, p2, rib for 2 in.
Separate sts. for front (40 sts.) and back (48 sts.).

Row 1: k2, p2 inc. (kfb) every 3rd st.
(62 sts. total)
Row 2: p6, k2 (wrong side) to end of row.
Row 3: (right side) k6, p2 to end of row.
Repeat rows 2 and 3 for 1.5 in.
Place sts. on waste yarn

Pick up other 40 sts.
Row 1: k2, p2 inc. (kfb) every 3rd st.
(52 sts. total)
Row 2: p6, k2 (wrong side) to end of row.
Row 3: (right side) k6, p2 to end of row.
Repeat rows 2 and 3 for 1.5 in.
Place sts. on waste yarn

Pick up back stitches and knit in round k6, p2 for 5 in.
Bind off all sts.
Weave in ends and turn down neck.

63 thoughts on “Nicholas’ Guinea Pig Sweater”

  1. Very cute!! I love to knit and I have a pet guinea pig!!! I have always wanted to knit him a sweater! He is an Abyssian breed of piggie, so I’m not sure how he would like it!!!

  2. Do you have a pattern for your guinea pig coat………..I haven’t knitted for years but a friend of mine joked that she’d love a coat for her guinea pig. I’d like to knit her one but can’t find a pattern.

    Please help if you can.


  3. Rebecca and suzi, I decided to post the pattern for the guinea pig sweater on the site. Check out the updated post, and enjoy! Thanks for visiting!

  4. OMG! What a cute guinea pig sweater!! I might make my piggie one. Only thing is, I can’t imagine hime letting me put it on him!!

  5. Oh my God, this is freakin’ hilarious. Just had to come to your site to see if this was for real (saw your profile pic on Ravelry…heheh)!! Fun Fun…

  6. Soooooooooooo cute. Iwill so try to make one for Albert, My guinea pig. Thanks for sharing this cute idea with me.

  7. Hi there…

    I’ve been asked by my daughter-in-law to knit for her guinea pig this pattern you’ve created . Unfortunately, I’m not what you would call an ‘advanced knitter’ & so I’m afraid I need a little more detailed instructions (guidance) to be able to accomplish her request.

    So, if you could help me with just a couple things…
    -When starting the sweater, are you beginning at the top (neck) or the bottom (hindquarters)?
    -Is the initial ribbing to be knitted in a round (stitches joined) and then for the back & front…knitted straight back & forth?
    -When picking up the back stitches…do you also pick up the front?
    -And I’m not sure how you managed knitting such a small diametre pattern on circulars…I’m thinking I’m missing something… Right now I’m attempting it on 4 needles.

    Soooo appreciate your time on this.

  8. the sweater is knit in the round for almost the whole thing. Also it is knit from the neck down. where the arms are you will need to knit back and forth to form the holes for the arms. you should already have your front stitches on the needles so you do not need to pick up the front. Yes, you can do this on four needles, three needles, magic loop, or a really small circular such as a Hiya Hiya 9 inch circular. I can’t remember what I used to be honest, I usually use two circulars until I recently started using the magic loop. Hope this helps. I know the pattern isn’t the best, but again, I am not a professional pattern writer.

  9. Thanks, Jen…

    I clearly can see now how you’ve done it. It’s a great pattern actually…certainly a lot less complicated than a number of ‘sweaters for pets’ patterns that I came across in my searching. And at this point, when it comes to knitting, I don’t do all that well yet with ‘complicated’.

    Again…appreciate your time…
    ps: I still can’t believe I’m knitting a sweater for a guinea pig…

  10. I love the guinea pig sweater. I used to breed and show cavies years ago and none of them ever had sweaters though. So cute!!!

  11. Just a couple of questions. Is that a US size 3 or a 3mm needle. Also, is that a worsted weight yarn. Thanks

  12. Is it 5 inches *after* joining the front and back or do I stop when I’ve done 5 inches total? I’m knitting the pattern for a friend’s daughter’s guinea pig 🙂

  13. It is 5 inches after it is finished. You can make it longer if you wish. This also fits a Tea Cup Chi. If you want it to fit a bigger pig, rabbit, or very small dog you can try using larger needles and some DK, worsted weight, or even chunky yarn and follow the same pattern.

  14. I love that sweater soo much!! He is ready to go for winter.:) Makes me want to take kniting lessons. Thank you for the idea!!

  15. hi there,

    hey i love this sweater its so cute and i have like a short hired guinea pig nd this would be great on her and im not like a pro or advanced knitter so umm does it say how to knit it on the web site any were ?
    well thanks for your time and i wuold be glad if u respond thanks

  16. hey i have a guinea pig named Edward, and I would love to take him out in winter. i think he’s Abyssinian, cuz he has alot of hair lol but i dont know how to knot cuz im 12. any suggestions??

  17. i wish i had a pattern for crochet i want to make sweaters for my guinea pigs in rescue but i only know how to crochet. is there anyone out there willing to help make sweaters for my guinea pig rescue? i have 20 piggies in rescue all sizes and types. or can you get me a crochet pattern? i live in california thanks

  18. Wow!, this is really cute!
    i currently have 5 guineas and am hoping to get a few more.
    i do not knit but would love one of these little sweaters for my shorthair do you know of anywhere i could buy one?
    or if you would be ever so kind i could give you a small payment for you to make me one?
    thankyou for taking your time reading this!
    Lydia Anne McKay x

  19. Wow he is soooooo sweet!! I have two guinea pigs but I dont know how they would respond! You should make them for a living they are really good! Do you only have one ginea pig? Mine are called Lilly and Ella and I got them on Boxing day 2008 so they are just over a year old!

    The pattern for the sweater is really good!

    I would like to make some for my guinea pigs but i don’t know how to do it! Oh well!

    Eli xx

  20. Thanks for putting this pattern online. I run an animal rescue group called Second Chance here in Western Australia that takes in small animals only (except for the odd cat and dog). Anyway a lot of the bunnies, piggies and even ratties come to us in such bad shape, usually with hair loss or complete baldness that i struggle to keep them warm in winter. Am so happy to have found your pattern and am certainly going to be busy making the animals some winter pyjamas. X

  21. I’m glad you all like this sweater! It was a spur of the moment kind of idea and it sounds like you have some great practical uses.

    @Kelly: If you need sweaters for rescue animals really fast, you could always cut some holes in a wool sock and whip stitch the edges to keep them from fraying.

  22. That’s adorable! And also may serve a practical purpose for some guinea pigs. Hairless guinea pigs can get cold in the winter, so sweaters are recommended for them. Also, I might have to make one of these for a piggy of mine who has a nervous habit of chewing the fur off of his belly.

  23. This is the cutest thing ever! I have 10 guinea pigs (1 coronet, 1 abisynian, and 9 peruvian) so totally will be making this. Thanks!

  24. My guinea pigs are really feeling the cold this year. I’m going to start knitting.


  25. Hi there. Your pattern is the only one I could find on Ravelry for piggie sweaters. I am making it for a friend, so I don’t have a piggie to try it on to check the sizing. I did find a number of errors in your pattern and have added the fixes to my notes on my ravelry project page (echoesinthyme)…hope you don’t mind. Thanks for sharing your idea, it really is cute.

  26. Hi,

    I came across your Nicholas Sweater pattern on and was wondering if you wouldn’t mind if I tried to make a crochet version of the sweater. Unfortunately, I do not know how to knit. I would love to make my guinea pig a sweater.


  27. Sorry, we haven’t been keeping up on the blog for the past several weeks! But sure, we’d love to see how your crochet version comes out!!

  28. Hey- I have no idea how to knit- but I was wondering if I can purchase a guinea pig sweater from you. My guinea pig has a stomach infection and has lost a lot of weight- and now his fur is falling out in chunks =(…The vet said keep him warm- so I decided to google guinea pig sweater and came across this…please let me know if possible. I need a sweater for him asap…Thanks!

  29. Very great post. I simply stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your weblog posts. After all I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I’m hoping you write again very soon!

  30. sorry it took me a while to get back with you. I didn’t see your post request till just now 🙁 If you are still in need of that sweater I will try to knit one up for you really quickly. I really hope your piggy gets better soon. If you have changed your mind you can do what we did in rescue. We used socks and cut the foot part off and cut little holes for the arms. I had a foster that had the same thing happen. It turns out that she had mites and also a thyroid problem that caused seizures (rolling on the ground). I hope you get his problems figured out ASAP.

  31. Hi, I found this pattern on Ravelry whilst looking for a guinea pig pattern for my geriatric piggie whose fur is thinning, and thought it looked so cute on your giunea pig!!! ^^ Anyhoo, I was kind of wondering, how on earth do you get it on the creatures? 😛 As I don’t hae much experience knitting in the round, would it be possible for me to just knit the pattern on straight needles and turn it into a sort of cardigan…? I hae no idea if that would work, but it would make things a lot easier for me and possibly me guinea pig 😛 Thanks for posting such a cute pattern!
    Fern xx

  32. Yes, you could do this on straight needles but you would have to do the math there depending on where you wanted the seem to be and also if you wanted one seem versus two seems. My piggies have always been super calm and also have been very patient when it came to handling. I only had him wear it to vet appointments or any outings in the cold weather. When he was younger he came to knit with us at the yarn shop.

  33. thank you so much for making this sweater. My sister has a guinea-pig and i wanted to make somthing for her for when she comes back from skiing and this was perfect!
    the problem was that her guinea-pig is the size of a loo role so this was quite big for him but the good thing is that I have a dwarf Rabbit and he fits perfectly in it!
    thank you

  34. Is there any chance there is a pattern for crocheing? My knitting leaves something to be desired…

  35. Thanks so much for this pattern. My husband and boys keep teasing me saying that, if I knit sweaters for our two guinea pigs, they’ll put them on them. Serves them right that I’ve found this pattern. Out little girls will never be cold in the winter again! 🙂

  36. Recently my children saw a girl down town with her piggy wearing a sweater. They asked her where she got it but she said a friend had given it to her. The kids thought it was awesome because they have three piggies of their own. Lo and behold, I stumble across this so I know what I’m making for Christmas presents this year. 😀

  37. Hi
    Please could you help me, i can’t knit and wondered if there was any chance you could make one for my guinea pig Treasure.
    She is a very special piggies she is a he/she has both guinea pig parts and her confused hormones are making her lose lots of fur, she is a Rex but mostly bald and i would love something to keep her warm.
    Please can you help me.

  38. I would love to help you out. Sorry it took me so long to reply, I just got your message. For some reason the web site was not sending them to me 🙁 I see that your address is in the UK though, and I think shipping would be a lot, but if you didn’t mind paying we could work something out.

  39. you saved my grand daughter wanted me to make a sweater for her guina pig.thank you for the pattern.

  40. I’m not a very strong knitter and was wondering if you had this pattern in crochet? My friend has 6 guinea pigs and I thought it’d be cute to make them sweaters. thanks

  41. Great project. ӏ would take ɑ ߋoқ later sincce і am сonsidering
    mzking оne foг myy seⅼf. Crafts сertainly аre а nice way ⲟf kill sparetime ѕo,
    It’s my job tо sew or crochet once i have sparetime.

  42. I used this as sizing but have it converted to a chunky yarn (size 9 needles) once I have a friend try it on her piggies I’ll share the changes.

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